Oct. 13th, 2007 04:56 pm
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I'm like 4:30 minutes into "Reunion" (the credits just started). Damn bastards! Poor, poor Rodney... Although Sheppard didn't look too happy, either (if I didn't read his expression entirely wrong).

12:30 into the ep - I'm close to vomiting. Rodney's making absolute fool of himself. WHY?? You damn TPTB fu..ers!!
I need some wine, now.

Edit 2: On the brighter side - Rodney looks totally hot in new jacket.

Edit 3: 
Final edit:
Despite the shameful beginning, I actually enjoyed it. Which is a good sign, I suppose.
What's bad, is that I spend too much time worrying how bad they're gonna make Rodney / Carter scenes. I can't help it, especially seeing what I  just saw.

Oh, and one more thing - 


Sep. 29th, 2007 03:27 pm
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Sep. 16th, 2007 07:29 pm
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A week off work, and my eyes  didt'n get better yet.  If anything, they got worse.  I can spend like 10 minutes in front of a computer, before they start watering.
Forget TV (good thing there's nothing interesting there),  and I can't even put my new dvd to a proper use, since I'm not really able to concentrate on what I'm watching most of the time.
Pretty much the same with the books or the prints with fics.
I guess I should go to ophthalmologist, before it gets more serious.

On a bit brighter (and connected) note - there's a sell-out in a pretty big second-hand bookstore, and I plan to go tomorrow. For 30 PLN (approx. 10 USD) you can take as many books as you can carry. I hope I'll find something interesting there.

Oh, and I have one more thought why you-know-who in season 4 of SGA is a disaster.

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Nice person at SGA H/C list posted some excerpts from latest Stargate magazine, and  they made me angry all over, again.

Plus - I'm in serious SGA withdrawal. Even fics don't help.


Feb. 21st, 2007 06:28 am
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There's nothing better, than to open you computer after seven days of "sick-leave", and first thing to notice that And here I was hoping for something nice to start the day... :-(
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Strange, but even with way too much Sam, I liked it better than "Submersion".
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Don't read if you like Carter. Seriously, don't. )

I'm biased and prejudiced, and bad, bad person. I know. That's not gonna change where Carter's concerned.

+ spoiler for season 4 of SGA )

So sue me.
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I've been accidentally spoiled about season 4 of Atlantis and

here will be spoilers and lots of ranting )

I'm not safe to be around, now. Gonna drown my disappointment in a bottle of wine.
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I'm sick and totally grounded and because there's only so much fics I can read in one day, I'm re-watching season 9 of SG-1.
Seems I've finally got some perspective or maybe I just got used to the idea of Jack-not-being-there. I really like Mitchell now. He's stubborn, reckless, but not careless, got enough sense of humor and heart on definitely right side. I also love how he interacts with Daniel. It brings memories of best Jack/Daniel moments, although it's so different. I can see why people started to slash them almost instantly. Me, I still see only (?) friendship there but who knows? Maybe one day I'll read some Daniel/Cameron, too.
Sam, on the other hand, I'm afraid it's one way track. Writers damaged this character so much in last years that there's nothing they can do to make me like her again. And this whole Jack/Sam mess is only half of the problem, maybe even less. It's just the character is so flat and boring. More like freshly sketched idea of a character than someone who was there for 9 years. It looks like writers run of ideas what to do with her and she just IS there, not really contributing anything important.
I don't know how often we gonna see Vala next season but I can only hope a lot. With all her irritating behaviour, she's irresistible and ALIVE. Not some simply good-looking, paper bimbo.
God, MUST.RESIST.SPOILERS. Not sure if I'm strong enough, though.


And now something completely different. Robert Rankin "The Antipope". No matter how many times I read this - it never gets old.


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