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Because, clearly, I'm obsessed (and no, [ profile] the_muppet, it's not only Edward's fault...*g*)

Here be vampires )

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Because I have no life...

Wanna get dazzled? )

Take if you like. Credit is nice but I won't hunt you for it.

Link to the resources post is on my info page.
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You really did! )

See, I did promise :p

That's what happen when you addict me to something and then unleash into unsuspecting world...

Now tell me - are you dazzled?

*laughs some more*


Jul. 10th, 2008 07:02 pm
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I've been on a sick leave for a few days now.

My back was bothering me so much that I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday. Turns out I have a spinal strain or something like this (no idea how it translates into English).
I'm grounded, not suppose to do anything strenuous. Not that I'm actually capable of it. It hurts to sit, it hurts to lay down. Thank God it's not that bad up when I'm up and walking.

I spend most of the time in bed or going for a short walks. I may try to go swimming on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how I feel.

All this free time let me read Twilight series in just few days. I've been squeeing and moaning to [ profile] the_muppet through all my reading (but I don't feel guilty, it's totally her fault I'm slightly obsessed now *g*). I just finished Eclipse and I'm wondering what to do next with myself (since there's no more dazzling Edward to occupy me *g*)

Edit: this last sentence translates - please, find me something new to read. Please...


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