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2008-11-14 02:15 pm
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This is me being sentimental...

I promised my godson my old mobile (he needs to be in contact with the world - he's totally grown up,7-years old, after all *g*).
While I was "cleaning" it, I found old pictures of my Shep. I'm not sure when those were taken, but it's 2006 and he's maybe 3 or 4 months old...

Look, I was sooo cute... )

And this is Shep now. He may be bigger, and a little more lazy, but he's still as crazy as when he was a kitten =)

I'm big and bad and you don't want to mess with me... )

He's sleeping on my lap right now. And he clearly doesn't approve me trying to type, so he blocked my left hand with half of his weight...


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2008-07-15 08:21 pm
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My flat is full of deadly traps

My cat's absolutely number one favourite toys are... little balls made of tinfoil. No kidding.

Proof )

He comes begging for them few times a day. Have you ever tried to say "no" to a cat? Have you ever tried say "no" to my Shep??

It usually takes him five minutes to lose it, so he comes begging for another. And another.

I'm trying to pick them up whenever I spot one, but it's a hopeless case. One of these days I'm gonna slip on one and crack my head open. Just wait and see...

*shakes head*

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2008-05-18 09:34 pm
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All hail the cat!

You scatter your stuff on my chair? Let's see how you like my fur on your suitcase!

The battle of wills between Shep and the ex continues...

See - I'm completely harmless and absolutely cute (and finally can sleep on my favorite spot!).

What can I say - I love little bastard beyond reason *g*

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2006-05-25 07:15 am
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So, I'm finally adopting a cat. And, god help me, I can't name it Rodney, can I? Everybody will think I totally lost it (well, I did, but that's not the point...).