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I haven't read any other reactions yet, so I have no idea what fandom thinks of latest "developments".

Personally... )

Just my two cents.
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So, Dean, what is your safe word?...

*giggles manically*

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I've been re-watching fourth season of Supernatural. And today I got to "Yellow Fever"...

This is one of the best episodes of any of my shows. I mean it.

My fangirly crush aside, Jensen is really damn good actor. How I want to see him in something else, something different... *sighs* I can only hope his name won't end up in a "box" with a "horror actor" label on it.

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Let me repeat what I wrote exactly a week ago: Supernatural... how are you so awesome???

At 18:43 I actually had to pause the whole thing, because I went hysterical. Seriously Dean, Rodney could learn a thing or two from you =)

Although I had to admit, that the "first" ending put a little dampener on all the joy and was a reminder, that not everything is laugh and good times. Something wicked this way comes...

But then we got "second" ending, and I went into hysterics again. Kind of didn't stop, yet, too... =)

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Supernatural... oh, how are you so awesome??

Seriously, this season is made of so much win, I have no words =)

I came home ready to crawl and bite the walls, cry myself silly and generally be pathetic.
Now, not so much =)

*clings to SPN*

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18 SPN icons (including season 4, so spoilers)
2 SPN graphics

17 Doctor Who Icons (9th, 10th & others)

Clicky )
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I've watched "Lazarus Rising" twice already. Both times it left me incoherent with squee. Even if I wished for a bit more of spoiler? )

Anyway, not writing any review, because I'm lazy and [ profile] oxoniensis already posted everything I could squee and scream about here

SGA... My God... What have I done to deserve this?
Bangs head against the wall )

[ profile] tarlanx wrote wonderful (McShepy) tag for "Tracker" that combines John and Rodney behavior, with what happened in "The Shrine". This fic made me a very happy camper =)

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Introducing [ profile] spn_sceneit - your ultimate Supernatural
vidding resource! =D

We hope that [ profile] spn_sceneit will provide a wide range of resources for all your Supernatural vidding needs - so what are you waiting for!
Go check out the welcome post to see what's on offer - and feel free to leave a suggestion of what else you'd like to see made available =)

This Supernatural vidding resource is open to one and all, so feel free to browse or lurk as almost all posts are open to everybody.
However... all good hunters keep their best stuff hidden and to gain access to the full arsenal we keep in the LOCKED TRUNK you'll need to join the club ;)

Please take a minute to read through the rules and guidelines - there's hardly any right now so it won't take you long - and just poke one of the mods if you need to ask us anything =)

Okay, pimp over. Go forth and hunt! =D

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I don't feel like writing any "preface" today.

What can I say? Dean is easy... )

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Or, more precisely - Dean/Jensen. 'Cos I needed something nice, and "working" on him is, well... *g*

Too damn pretty... )


May. 30th, 2008 09:25 am
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Yes, I know that there are spoilers out there, about Dean's future.

NO, I DON"T want to know... =D


May. 29th, 2008 10:23 pm
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New, shiny SPN moodtheme, courtesy of [ profile] crystalkirk.

Because I'm still in "Dean-mode", even though season has ended (and god, what a cliffhanger...!).

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I didn't even know it was season finale... )

I guess I should finally make some Dean icons. It's really past time :)


Apr. 26th, 2008 09:20 pm
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What the hell? I've been waiting years months weeks for new Supernatural, and THIS is what I got? Fraking disgrace that what it was. Seriously, after 15 minutes I was this close to actually stop watching. I kinda wish I had. Shep was in his "crazy" mode and it would be much more fun playing with him.  Lousy Supernatural episode was the reason I neglected my cat...

*end rant*

*crawls back into hiding*



Oct. 5th, 2007 08:24 pm
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I've spent wasted the whole day on a meeting, that was as interesting and had so much meaning, as listening to someone reading a phone book. I'm pissed off, because I have loads to do (I'm working for three people at the moment) and I don't know when I'll be able to catch up.
I came home so wiped out, with my mind so blank, I don't know what to do with myself.
I've canceled a meeting with my friend (I love her, she understands, although she made me come over tomorrow, so we can get drunk and try to get all bad stuff out of our systems) .
Watched new Supernatural instead, and it was supposed to be a treat, but really wasn't. I  couldn't care less for what was happening.
It's way too early to go to bed (if I do, I'll wake up around 2 am and it's not fun).
I have a distinct feeling that there is something  I'd like to do know, but I have  no idea  what this could be.


May. 4th, 2007 08:36 pm
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So, "Supernatural" finale... Phew.  Anticlimactic as it ever could be.  It actually felt like watching "Eureka" finale, only in slightly different  set. 
I expected  better, although after last three episodes  I'm not really surprised.

Edit: Apparently, I'm more  detached from reality than I thought, because - as  [personal profile] aizjanika kindly pointed  - this wasn't the finale. Now I'm wondering where I get the idea that this was supposed to be the end?...
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Not so long ago, the only things I watched, were Stargate (on my computer) and occasional re-runs of all-time classics (sci-fi and not), on my tv.
Now, the list looks like this:

1.SGA and SG-1
2. Supernatural
3. Doctor Who
4. BSG
5. CSI - all three series
6. Prison Break
7. 4400
8. Smallville...

In a few days there will be 9, because I've just got first few episodes of "Torchwood" (thanks again, M *g*).


Granted, not all of above will be renewed for next season, but still.
I'm actually happy, that "Heroes" didn't work for me. And that I might let go of "Prison Break", because it gets a little boring.

But I am terrified.
And addicted, apparently.



Feb. 23rd, 2007 04:37 pm
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Did "Supernatural" aired yesterday? "Cos there's no torrent for it, yet...

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...this is going to be great week. We'll get new SGA, SG-1 (Mitchell! finally! I'm in serious withdrawal here) and Supernatural.
Also - I'm taking three days off at work (since Thursday). I think, after last five weeks (with all the extra work and no extra money), I totally deserved it.


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