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I did it! \0/
Full batch - 100 icons - is behind the cut.

Flyboys are hot )
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For [ profile] scifi100 challenge.

Batch 2 - 52/100 icons made.

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What's better way to start new year than with a hot guy? =)

Made for [ profile] scifi100 challenge.
Batch 1 - 27/100 icons.

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More icons

Mar. 15th, 2008 10:20 pm
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All from "Ark Of The Truth". Lots of Cameron, because... yeah... *grins sheepishly*, but there are others, too.

With spoilers, I suppose.


Mar. 14th, 2007 05:11 pm
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So, I've just watched "Unending". And, for various reasons, I'm incapable of any (even semi-) coherent comment.
It just feels too surreal.

I just can't believe, there is no "to be continued".

It's wrong.
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On totally unrelated note - ex-boyfriend just invited himself for coffee.  As in right now. Huh, strange. He keeps showing quite often lately (not to mention demanding phone calls and other forms of communication). I definitely don't get those men.
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Strange, but even with way too much Sam, I liked it better than "Submersion".
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Don't read if you like Carter. Seriously, don't. )

I'm biased and prejudiced, and bad, bad person. I know. That's not gonna change where Carter's concerned.

+ spoiler for season 4 of SGA )

So sue me.
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...this is going to be great week. We'll get new SGA, SG-1 (Mitchell! finally! I'm in serious withdrawal here) and Supernatural.
Also - I'm taking three days off at work (since Thursday). I think, after last five weeks (with all the extra work and no extra money), I totally deserved it.
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I'm sick and totally grounded and because there's only so much fics I can read in one day, I'm re-watching season 9 of SG-1.
Seems I've finally got some perspective or maybe I just got used to the idea of Jack-not-being-there. I really like Mitchell now. He's stubborn, reckless, but not careless, got enough sense of humor and heart on definitely right side. I also love how he interacts with Daniel. It brings memories of best Jack/Daniel moments, although it's so different. I can see why people started to slash them almost instantly. Me, I still see only (?) friendship there but who knows? Maybe one day I'll read some Daniel/Cameron, too.
Sam, on the other hand, I'm afraid it's one way track. Writers damaged this character so much in last years that there's nothing they can do to make me like her again. And this whole Jack/Sam mess is only half of the problem, maybe even less. It's just the character is so flat and boring. More like freshly sketched idea of a character than someone who was there for 9 years. It looks like writers run of ideas what to do with her and she just IS there, not really contributing anything important.
I don't know how often we gonna see Vala next season but I can only hope a lot. With all her irritating behaviour, she's irresistible and ALIVE. Not some simply good-looking, paper bimbo.
God, MUST.RESIST.SPOILERS. Not sure if I'm strong enough, though.


And now something completely different. Robert Rankin "The Antipope". No matter how many times I read this - it never gets old.


Mar. 30th, 2006 04:01 am
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I admit I totally abandoned SG1 fics in last few months. Partially because Jack left the show, partially because Atlantis eats most of my reading time, and partially for reasons unclear.
It's official now, that Jack's gonna be there again for a few eps - and that's really, really great news. Except for one thing. Rumor has it, that there's gonna be Jack/Sam issues involved and really, haven't we got enough of this stuck down our throats? It's just wrong and on so many levels, that I'm not gonna list them now (besides all was said already so what's the point?).
But season finale was pretty good (far better than "Allies" and I'm saying this with bleeding heart, but it's true) and I really want to see where they'd go from there.

Speaking of Atlantis. And my favourite boys. I started with Rodney/John stuff and this was my otp, until I finally tried [ profile] mice1900 stuff and, well... "My name is Anna and I'm addicted to "Moments Sacred And Profane" - sums it all.
So - Rodney/John, Rodney/Carson and from here, we're one small step from Rodney/John/Carson. Yummy. Only lately I realized that John/Carson alone doesn't work for me. Even if it leads straight to OT3. I know that 's probably because there's not enough, well - anything, between them on screen, to make this pairing really work for me. Apparently two good looking guys is not enough. And I need Rodney to work as a connection. No, make it - I need Rodney, period. 'Cos he's The One, he he.

And could someone, please, enlighten me, how the hell I forgot to go to sleep AT All tonight? Apart from the fact, that I developed serious craving for spanking fics and spent the whole evening looking for it frantically?

Also - I have a feeling I use much too much commas. But I can't even remember ever learning rules of using punctuation in English so you just have to forgive me.

Also - I suspect this babbling doesn't make much sense. I need coffee.


Sep. 25th, 2005 03:45 am
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Spent last three days reading happy/crazy slash (yeah, I'm kinda addicted and absolutely not ashamed, a gal can have a little fun, too).
Laughed myself to death, probably definetly convinced neigbours that I'm a total loon (couldn't keep it quiet and I'm not sorry) and few hours ago finally ended up crying .
For no particular reason.
Or maybe becouse of the "happy end"?
Or because Christmas are coming (again) and this inevitable MOOD, which just choke me (again) and don't I know it?
Or maybe because I'm "happily" sealing myself up in a cement bunker of my head - again, and it's getting easier?
Truth is - I'm scared shitless.
And don't know what to do.
Apart from going to shrink, which is still not an option for many reasons.
I'm ready to surrender.
Now how fucking pathetic that sounds?
And did I mention smoking 30-something cigarettes?
Gonna try get some sleep anyway. Maybe I woke up in some nice AU, where I still have at least ONE brain cell that functions properly.
And could someone, please, hug me?


Sep. 17th, 2005 11:14 pm
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Finally put my hands on season 8 and guess what?... My DVD just f****ing died before the end of New Order p.1.
I can't remember being so mad.


Sep. 6th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Ok, I'm maybe a little slow on the uptake - which isn't my fault at all - and everybody else of course already noticed what I just noticed, but it's kinda eating me so I just have to write it down.
I'm going through season 7, just watched "Evolution" part 2 and this is all sooo wrong, that I can't find the words.
What they did with "my" Jack - team leader, always there for his kids, stubborn, sarcastic prick that I love so much? Who's the guy I'm looking at and why they call him Jack? And WHERE is he most of the time? What the hell happened to the TEAM? There is no team at all, just few people jumping around, doing stuff, no dynamics, no interaction, no frienship, no nothing. It feels like there really is no SG-1 anymore and they just got together when they really, REALLY have to - which is not too often - and most of the times everybody's just minding their own business, do their own stuff. And Daniel? So easily slipped back to where and who he was before "Meridian". Like the ascension didn't change anything, like he was on an extended sick leave and his total amnesia was just a temporary inconvenience, cured in no time by - what? And the worst part - there is nothing, absolutely nothing what was between him and Jack. And I'm not talking "slahy" here. They even don't talk anymore.
And what the hell was this last scene of "evolution" - Jack and Sam in gateroom - all about???
Ooohhh, I'm SO not enjoying it.
I'm so annoyed that it's a little hard to put this all in words. Gotta calm a little, watch the rest, then watch ot all over again and maybe, maybe - well, I don't know exactly what "maybe". But I hope I'll feel better. And that things will get better.
Although this is a very faint hope.
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I'm deliberately and to the point of pain, slowing down the process of "digesting the knowledge". Worthless as it is, since I already know what had happened. Still, this stupid, stubborn, childlish and naivee part of mine somehow manage to fool itself that untill I actually SEE it and EXPERIENCE it - it all is yet to happen. So, the torture continues, as sweet and pleasurable as it can be.
Just another proof of my insanity. So sue me.


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