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May. 2nd, 2008 09:01 am
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John, Rodney & McShep.

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Dec. 11th, 2007 06:19 pm
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I've watched "Trinity", with Martin Wood and Damian Kindler commentary, for the first time. And I kinda have problem with what they (well, mostly Damian) said.

I need

Nov. 8th, 2007 09:57 pm
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I'm in a shitty mood again and I need a story.

A story, when Rodney is missing or hurt or whatever bad happens to him, and John looses it. Like - completely and utterly looses it.

Doesn't have to be slash. I'm equally fond of a strong-friendship gen. Oh, and with happy ending, of course (unless you want me to get worse).

I've re-read "But never the nights" but it's still not enough.

So, got any recs? I'm seriously begging here.

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In case someone didn't see this yet - here's our beloved Rodney McKay rapping.


*is dead from laughter*
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The pictures of my Rodney and my Shep:

Sorry for the poor quality. I just took them with my cell phone.
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Strange, but even with way too much Sam, I liked it better than "Submersion".
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I vaguely remember this fic, which ended with team going to some planet, when they met with folks who turned out to be pretty much advanced.
One of the last lines was something like this:

"Dude!" said Rodney. And hugged him..

Now, I pride myself having quite a vivid imagination, but I'm actually, absolutely unable to imagine Rodney saying "dude". Ever. Because that would be so hilariously wrong.

He never did it on show, did he? 'Cos if he did, someone please, point me to this ep, so I can have my crack up moment of the day.
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I’m actually pretty amazed with SGA this season. With the exception of “Real World (and not even because it was Weir-centric, just simply boring), each new ep was better than previous.
After first viewing, there is very little I didn’t like about the “The Return”. Unfortunately, especially after “McKay and Mrs. Miller”, it’s pretty big “little”, at least for me.

They did it again! The bastards... )


Mar. 30th, 2006 04:01 am
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I admit I totally abandoned SG1 fics in last few months. Partially because Jack left the show, partially because Atlantis eats most of my reading time, and partially for reasons unclear.
It's official now, that Jack's gonna be there again for a few eps - and that's really, really great news. Except for one thing. Rumor has it, that there's gonna be Jack/Sam issues involved and really, haven't we got enough of this stuck down our throats? It's just wrong and on so many levels, that I'm not gonna list them now (besides all was said already so what's the point?).
But season finale was pretty good (far better than "Allies" and I'm saying this with bleeding heart, but it's true) and I really want to see where they'd go from there.

Speaking of Atlantis. And my favourite boys. I started with Rodney/John stuff and this was my otp, until I finally tried [ profile] mice1900 stuff and, well... "My name is Anna and I'm addicted to "Moments Sacred And Profane" - sums it all.
So - Rodney/John, Rodney/Carson and from here, we're one small step from Rodney/John/Carson. Yummy. Only lately I realized that John/Carson alone doesn't work for me. Even if it leads straight to OT3. I know that 's probably because there's not enough, well - anything, between them on screen, to make this pairing really work for me. Apparently two good looking guys is not enough. And I need Rodney to work as a connection. No, make it - I need Rodney, period. 'Cos he's The One, he he.

And could someone, please, enlighten me, how the hell I forgot to go to sleep AT All tonight? Apart from the fact, that I developed serious craving for spanking fics and spent the whole evening looking for it frantically?

Also - I have a feeling I use much too much commas. But I can't even remember ever learning rules of using punctuation in English so you just have to forgive me.

Also - I suspect this babbling doesn't make much sense. I need coffee.


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