Apr. 22nd, 2009 09:43 pm
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I went to see Knowing. Pretty good. Freaked me out a lot =)
But the very end? spolier! ) I wish they didn't show it. I think it would have a lot more kick if it ended just more spoilers! ) But all in all, I liked it.
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IMDB says we'll get another "Dune" movie next year. There aren't any details yet, so it may still be dropped. But if they go with it, I hope like hell they'll finally make it right.

"Dune" was really not lucky so far. Lynch's version was not bad, all things considered, up until the last few minutes. When they screwed up everything. Because, seriously - rain?... Makes me go "WTF???" every time I'm watching it.
The SciFi version?... I don't even have the words. It was more than bad. It was hideous. Staring with acting and ending with the costumes. *shudders* Let's forget it even exists.

This is really amazing book (the whole Dune-verse is) and one of my all-time favorites. I want someone to finally do it's justice. I mean, it's not more difficult that "LOTR" and I happen to think that Peter Jackson did really good job.
I'm a pessimist, so I'll always expect the worse. But I'm really tired of cringing, while watching movies based on the books I love.
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I haven't been so bored watching a movie for quite some time now.
What a complete waste of time and money...


Feb. 5th, 2008 02:23 pm
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I have the whole week off work. It was the only way I could get back all this overtime, since it's company's policy not to pay for this. Well, office staff doesn't; the factory guys are completely different story.
Anyway, I plan to do as little as possible, catch up with my sleep and meet with a colleague from work, who is on an extended sick leave, due to difficult pregnancy.

But today was a cleaning day. Took me 5+ hours, but apart from usual, I also washed my couch and armchair and cleaned all the windows. Poor cat, had to spend half of the time closed in his travel box (I'm a bit paranoid he will "walk out" the open window one day - it's fifth floor, after all).

I'm pretty wiped out but it feels good, having a bit of  "order" in my flat (even if I hate cleaning with all my heart).

I'm thinking - early diner (or late lunch) and a silly movie, that allows napping without losing a lot of "action" (hmm, "War of the Worlds, maybe?...).

Tomorrow I probably go see "American Gangster", because I kinda miss Russell... ;)


Mar. 5th, 2007 10:59 pm
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I hereby declare March being the month of self pity and self indulgence.

The former is really easy.

As per the latter - let's start with dark chocolate with marzipan filling and "National Treasure" (not a terribly good movie, but it has Sean Bean in it, so... yeah...).


Jan. 19th, 2007 11:50 pm
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I'm watching "Shining". I forgot how scary this is, especially with the frigging storm outside...


Dec. 8th, 2006 02:21 pm
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Here's the big question: should I go, see "Eragon", before I read the book?
I try not to do this often, but I saw trailer, and my... Malkovich, Irons, Carlyle (there's only Alan Rickman missing *g*).

What do you think?


Dec. 2nd, 2006 11:31 am
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It's really silly, and don't even know why, but for me Christmas season starts when I first hear George Michael's "Last Christmas" (I hate and love this song with equal force).
Since I practically stopped listening to the radio this year, I hoped I will be spared a little longer. But I went to see "Babel" last week (great movie, btw) and was a bit early. So I went for a little walk through the mall - and there it was, through all the speakers.

So, ladies and gentlemen - the show officially begun...
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I've watched "Irreversible" the other night. And for the love of God, I have no idea what made me do it. I felt sick watching it, feel sick even now and - what's worst - I can't throw the images out of my head. Nothing helps. I'm this close to banging my head against the wall. Jesus.
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Thanks to wonderful [ profile] telumendil, I was able to (finally!) watch it.
And I really can't get myself together now. It was too much, too intense. Amazing.
So shouldn't allow myself to watch movies like that in my current state of mind.


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