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One of Polish tv stations will show Merlin, starting tomorrow. Sadly, the review was less than positive. I suspect the guy who wrote it, is not a fangirl. But he knows nothing, right? We love our shiny, slashy show =)

I got a penalty ticket (how you call it in English?) in the bus today. Totally not fair, because my card is valid for another week. But the guy who was checking it said, that it wasn't signed properly. Bastard. I'm not going to pay, of course. But now I have to go to the transportation office and clear this. I'm so not happy about it.

My wrists are worse. I have an appointment on Monday, and I really hope it's not what I suspect it is :(

I owe [ profile] tarlanx reply to the 5 things meme, and I was really going to this today. But my friend showed up and we are now finishing our second bottle of wine. So I'm afraid it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Btw - I'm writing this post just because we're taking a short break, so he can talk to one of his sort of-maybe-possibly girlfriends. Men... *snorts*

Also, I'm quite probably a little bit drunk =)


Dec. 18th, 2007 10:37 pm
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Note to self: don't drink two glasses of wine, when all you had to eat all day is one lousy sandwich (not sure if it even deserves to be called that) and a few pralines...
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I definitely drink too much.
Not to mention the smoking.
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1.Classic - with much too many glasses of red wine. Not-so-healthy way of dealing with fucked up boss, who made me work ten - TEN hours on Saturday. Yep, the same boss that made me cry yesterday... Hate the misogynistic son of a bitch...

2. Stargate - or "McKay & Mrs. Miller", to be precise. I've already made loud squee on my blog - with caps, but beware of the spoilers if you look , so I'm not gonna repeat myself. Well, maybe only... a bit... serious spoiler )

The cat is lying on my lap, purring happily. All in all- pretty nice evening after shitty week.


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