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I've celebrated the first day of my freedom - went to see "Wall-E".
And loved it to pieces. Such a cute movie and now I want my own Wall=E =)

I also got myself a bottle of my favorite wine. Not easy to get in Poland and not so cheap, but what the hell. I deserve a treat every once in a while.

I'm making a batch of Shep icons. My "muse" is high on him for quite some time now (he's just so easy) so I'm going to use it.
Apart from it, I'm doing absolutely nothing. I'm on vacation, after all =)


Aug. 29th, 2008 04:30 pm
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I got completely soaked today. Twice.
Everything is wet, even the contents of my bag. But it doesn't matter because...

I'm officially starting my two week holidays - now!



Feb. 5th, 2008 02:23 pm
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I have the whole week off work. It was the only way I could get back all this overtime, since it's company's policy not to pay for this. Well, office staff doesn't; the factory guys are completely different story.
Anyway, I plan to do as little as possible, catch up with my sleep and meet with a colleague from work, who is on an extended sick leave, due to difficult pregnancy.

But today was a cleaning day. Took me 5+ hours, but apart from usual, I also washed my couch and armchair and cleaned all the windows. Poor cat, had to spend half of the time closed in his travel box (I'm a bit paranoid he will "walk out" the open window one day - it's fifth floor, after all).

I'm pretty wiped out but it feels good, having a bit of  "order" in my flat (even if I hate cleaning with all my heart).

I'm thinking - early diner (or late lunch) and a silly movie, that allows napping without losing a lot of "action" (hmm, "War of the Worlds, maybe?...).

Tomorrow I probably go see "American Gangster", because I kinda miss Russell... ;)


Sep. 16th, 2007 07:29 pm
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A week off work, and my eyes  didt'n get better yet.  If anything, they got worse.  I can spend like 10 minutes in front of a computer, before they start watering.
Forget TV (good thing there's nothing interesting there),  and I can't even put my new dvd to a proper use, since I'm not really able to concentrate on what I'm watching most of the time.
Pretty much the same with the books or the prints with fics.
I guess I should go to ophthalmologist, before it gets more serious.

On a bit brighter (and connected) note - there's a sell-out in a pretty big second-hand bookstore, and I plan to go tomorrow. For 30 PLN (approx. 10 USD) you can take as many books as you can carry. I hope I'll find something interesting there.

Oh, and I have one more thought why you-know-who in season 4 of SGA is a disaster.


Sep. 7th, 2007 09:01 pm
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So, after a week from hell, a marathon of working 14-16 hours a day, I'm finally free. At least for a two weeks.
Not that they won't call. They always do, even when I'm away for a couple of days. Comes with a territory (aka being one person department). There's only so much you can delegate.
Still, I hope I'll finally be able to catch my breath. And maybe some sleep, if heavens allow.


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