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This is what I found on LOLCats:

Whatever happens - don't blink! )

It's spreading! \0/

And because latest SPN fandom wank is just hilarious (and thanks to [ profile] powerof3 for pointing me in the right direction):

You don't even know he's there... )

*snickers* I just couldn't help myself =)
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[ profile] milusia gave me 9th Doctor, Jack Harkness and 10th Doctor to choose from. So...

Marry, shag, cliff? )


Mar. 9th, 2009 08:25 pm
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1-14: stock
15-28: Merlin
29-40: Heroes
41-51: Doctor Who

icons ahead )
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Well, sort of.
I'm really curious about this guy, especially because the only thing making him recognizable right now (for me) is his hair. And that's not good because 1) he's not John Sheppard and 2) said hair is kind of ridiculous. Sorry, but it just is.

I wanted to see him act and so I watched first ep of "Moses Jones". Or more precisely - I've tried to. Sadly, I got bored really fast and made it maybe half way through. Didn't get much chance to watch Matt "in action". Those fee scenes with him - he was mostly just there, not doing anything really, except delivering few lines, pulling few faces (the hair was present, too...).

And so I still now nothing about next Doctor :(

Anyone else watched "Moses Jones"? Did I give up too fast? Should I give it one more chance?
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Brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. I could say more, but it would be all exclamations of awe, so you know - just fill in the words you think are appropriate, here:

........! \0/


Brave conductor was even trying to fight the Daleks. He failed, of course, poor guy *g*

I just wish Freema wasn't so giddy half of the time. It felt a bit out of place, really.
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Well, sort of =)

I've watched Confidential yesterday and the big moment was a bit anticlimactic, because I have no idea who (pun not intended) the guy is.
I've been reading reaction posts for the last half an hour and I agree with one thing - the guy needs a haircut ;) Other than that, I'm ready to wait and see. I remember that after Christopher, it took me better part of season to get used to Ten. And there were moments when I thought I'll never like David as The Doctor.
I don't really mind his age. If he can pull this off as an actor*, then I'm fine with it. And yes, I'm one of those who has faith in Moffat's writing. Although I'm really sorry we never get to see Donna's reaction to this new incarnation. That would be hilarious =)

*I'll probably end up looking for the things he was in, too :)

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18 SPN icons (including season 4, so spoilers)
2 SPN graphics

17 Doctor Who Icons (9th, 10th & others)

Clicky )


Jun. 30th, 2008 11:11 am
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People, come on, stop calling the Doctor, or I'll never get through!...


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So, how many people, you think, called Doctor's number?

I'm tempted myself...



Jun. 4th, 2008 11:33 am
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I'm pretty stupid when it comes to any HTML related things. It took me two hours to find out how to put header image on the main page of my LJ... I feel kind of silly, too, but only a little *g*.

But there it is - pretty, pretty thing made by [ profile] kynikey. Although, knowing me, it will change at least as often as my userpics (read: whoever is my "man of the moment") =D

On other news: ex is moving out. I have to admit, he wasn't very bothering as a flatmate. Maybe because he's so often out, on a business trips *g*

And Shep is using his favorite suitcase while he still can )

Oh, and did I mention that I have new mobile? I don't really care how "trendy" those things are, or how many cool things they can do but I admit I uploaded my own ringtone. So now, whenever somebody calls, it plays Doctor Who theme XD.


May. 9th, 2008 05:34 pm
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Polish TV is giving "Doctor Who" another try.

They will be showing it on Saturday's nights - around 1 am.

I wonder what kind of audience they're trying to get at this hour... Morons.
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The idea stolen from [personal profile] aizjanika, 'cos I think it's pretty cool  =)


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I still love Christopher Eccleston more.
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So, now I'll have "Eureka" to fill the gap, and SGA is back at the end of September (I'm counting the days...).
Btw - I've watched first four eps of "Sanctuary" and got bored like hell. If it wasn't for the fact, that David Hewlett and Paul McGillion are going to be in it, I'd stopped watching after first two.


Jun. 17th, 2007 08:02 pm
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I’ve just watched „Utopia” and you know what? I almost wish that Jack was regular Doctor’s companion. Even if it meant there was no “Torchwood”. But then I though of Ianto… (go figure) and decided, it’s better to have Jack on DW as a sort of Christmas treat and have “Torchwood” for the rest of the time. Perfect combination *vbg*

It's not as coherent as I wish it was, but I'm still sick and on pretty strong drugs. Add a good portion of exctitement, and that's what you get... ;-)

I think I'll go watch it again, just to make sure I have proper (ekhem...) dreams tonight.


Apr. 3rd, 2007 07:29 am
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To celebrate the return of The Doctor, I've made 
this: )

The cap is from "Smith and Jones", but nothing spoilery.
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Finally... *g*

I have to admit, I was a little bit vary. A lot more than when David replaced Christopher.
I love Rose. I've watched her change during those two seasons, grew stronger, but never losing this slightly  naive innocence, that  made her who she was.
When I've heard, that Martha is going the be  much more independent  and  standing up to the Doctor, I got worried.  Not because I wanted a clone-Rose.  That would  be  terrible.  But I just pictured this extremley feminist, loud and arrogant type, which I would have hated. Sure, this was partly because I hated the idea of Rose not being there anymore. And I get easily biased - sue me. *g*
But, to my great relief, I liked Martha a lot.  She fits perfectly.
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Not so long ago, the only things I watched, were Stargate (on my computer) and occasional re-runs of all-time classics (sci-fi and not), on my tv.
Now, the list looks like this:

1.SGA and SG-1
2. Supernatural
3. Doctor Who
4. BSG
5. CSI - all three series
6. Prison Break
7. 4400
8. Smallville...

In a few days there will be 9, because I've just got first few episodes of "Torchwood" (thanks again, M *g*).


Granted, not all of above will be renewed for next season, but still.
I'm actually happy, that "Heroes" didn't work for me. And that I might let go of "Prison Break", because it gets a little boring.

But I am terrified.
And addicted, apparently.



Feb. 25th, 2007 07:55 pm
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I loved Ninth Doctor from the very first episode. For pretty much everything, but mostly for his wicked sense of humor.
The Tenth was ok, but there was something about him, that kept nagging me. Until I finally realized - he went from simply wicked, to totally mental! *g*
And that's perfectly fine by me, and now I can love him, too. :D


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