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Can you smell it? :)

My work in 2008 is done. And I have time off until January 5th. Yay!!

So - happy Christmas everyone. What? I can wish it to others, right?

The icon lies, btw. I don't really want it back. I'm good as I am =)

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I've spent the whole day in the kitchen, preparing stuff for tomorrow (in Poland main Christmas dinner is on Christmas Eve). I think I might also - accidentally - tortured my neighbors with my poor singing... I can't help it - it's automatic, always happens when I'm making anything more than a sandwich *g*

I'm exhausted.

And not entirely happy with the results. Especially the damned pierogi  - I've made like 100 of them and they taste a bit suspicious. Not bad, but not exactly how they should. Or maybe I'm just freaking out.

Anyway, the - hm, no idea how to translate it's name - needs just a few minutes on the stove, the apple pie is in the oven. The whole flat smells like cinnamon and spices (I love that smell). I think I can lay down on the couch, with a glass of wine (or two) and watch "Under the mistletoe". Yeah, I know, cheesy, but it's a rare occasion to see any  movies with guys from Stargate  in our tv. And it's not like Shanks is hard on the eye, too ;-)

So, Merry Christmas.

Or Happy Frelling Holidays... ;-)

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They started selling Christmas trees in the usual spot not far from my flat.
I won't be getting one this year, too. Shep would destroy it within a day...

Oh, and I got pretty, pretty card from [personal profile] the_muppet *hugs* (I may not be a poster girl for a Christmas spirit, but it doesn't make me enjoy getting and giving them any less).


Dec. 3rd, 2007 10:28 pm
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The most frustrating  thing about  buying presents? 
Not that I can't figure out what I want to give. It's to know exactly what I want, the perfect gift, and it's nowhere to find. Where usually, on every other day, it's in half of shops I'm passing.

I love giving presents. It's the "hunting" I hate.
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This is as much Christmasy (shut up...) as I'm going to get this year.
I've cleaned up my apartment.
I've wrapped up all the presents.
And that's it. No tree or other decorations. Not even a tiny bit of mistletoe. Phew.
Okay. Now I really want it to be tomorrow at te same time, because it would mean, the obligatory Christmas Eve Supper (main Christmas event in Poland, if you're curious) is over. Can you tell I'm not happy to have to go there?

*Shep, could you, please lie still and stop doing constant tap dance on my lap?? I can't type like this*

I need some alcohol. NOW.
And, obviously, I was demented enough to think I could survive next few days without it. Now it's too late and the only thing I got is a bottle of vodka (a gift... who the hell thinks a bottle of vodka is a good gift for a woman??) and another bottle of vodka, some strange apple type ("Goldparmäne", the label says). Another gift, obviously.
God, I don't even drink vodka (anymore). Not to mention, the only thing I could mix it with, is water. Or milk.

*bangs her head on the desk, repeatedly*

Any ideas what I could do with those?

*my mother just called - apparently, the Supper has been moved to 4 pm - who's making supper (any supper) that early? oh, joy...*

On the brighter side: [ profile] burningchaos - I got your fudge. It's absolutely fabulous, thanks so much. And I want recipe *g*
I wish I had some red wine to go with it. But as it is, I think I'll make myself some coffee (it's 9:30 pm here, but who cares?), put on next ep of "Supernatural" and eat as much of said fudge as I can.
Yep, my new comfort food. Definitely.

And yes - I truly wish you all very Merry and Happy Christmas.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 11:31 am
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It's really silly, and don't even know why, but for me Christmas season starts when I first hear George Michael's "Last Christmas" (I hate and love this song with equal force).
Since I practically stopped listening to the radio this year, I hoped I will be spared a little longer. But I went to see "Babel" last week (great movie, btw) and was a bit early. So I went for a little walk through the mall - and there it was, through all the speakers.

So, ladies and gentlemen - the show officially begun...


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