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Cameron Mitchell one more time )

Btw - I'm doing Torchwood (male characters) for my next challenge.
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I did it! \0/
Full batch - 100 icons - is behind the cut.

Flyboys are hot )
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1.I've changed my layout. Again. I just can't find the one I'm really satisfied with. This one is almost ok, but still not quite enough.

2.I now have almost all icons for my [ profile] scifi100 Cameron Mitchell challenge. But I still have three prompts left and I can't find good caps for them. I'm frustrated beyond words. Been re-watching random parts of various episodes, but with little luck. *fumes* I still have a week before my deadline, but right now I'm simply out of ideas.

3.My mp3 player died today :( I never ever go out (further than my closest grocery store) without it. On my way back from work I felt so stupidly exposed. I know it sounds crazy and I know I'm totally weird, but I just feel so damn uncomfortable, without the barrier of my headphones. 

4.Our boss gave formal Company Is In Trouble, Must Prepare For Difficult Times speech today. She didn't say how bad it's gonna get, though. Not yet. And it's going to be really bad. I know it all too well, being privy to the plans for closes future. But those plans are so much a secret still, that I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It makes me feel really uncomfortable, listening to people speculating about our future and pretending that I don't know a thing.

5.I'm working tomorrow. I'm so not happy about it, but couldn't really say no. Hope you all will have more fun this weekend, than me. 

Sweet dreams, everyone.
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For [ profile] scifi100 challenge.

Batch 2 - 52/100 icons made.

Flyboys are hot )

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What's better way to start new year than with a hot guy? =)

Made for [ profile] scifi100 challenge.
Batch 1 - 27/100 icons.

Flyboys are hot )
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My last prompt for [ profile] art_bingo Winter Challenge.

I admit, this is very, very loose interpretation. And has more to do with winter in poor John's heart, than an actual season. I wonder if it can even count... *sighs* I still have few days to come up with something else, I guess.

Anyway, here it is: Not a happy ending... )

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Two prompts in one day = wow. But I'm glad, because next two weeks are going to be total hell at work, and I doubt I'll touch my comp for any fannish stuff (with the exception of occasional transfusion of Merlin goodies; and whining, most likely there will be whining and swearing).

Anyway, here it is (and yes, I'm proud that I was able to keep it all in SGA theme *g*):

Crusted )

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It gave me a bit of a trouble, this one. And not because of my struggles with Photoshop.
Thanks again for your help, flist!

Jack Frost )

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One more prompt done, three to go.

Overwinter )

This is getting harder and harder. Looks like my muse packed up and left for good :(

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*shakes head* I have no excuse for this one. But it's really not my fault, that those things keep happening to Sheppard...

Snow bunny )

I think I need a drink... =)

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It's another one of those ideas, that just wouldn't go away.

On sale now - five bucks and it's yours! )

That's fourth prompt done. Five more to go...

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This challenge is even more difficult than I thought. Not because I can't come up with any ideas (although that's not too easy, either).
But I'm not too good at doing manips, so it's like two challenges in one.

This is for "Skiing":

Let the best man win! )

And this one is for "Wet":

No,it's not what you think... )

I kind of hate Photoshop right now. It'll pass... =)

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... I've signed up for a Winter Challenge at [ profile] art_bingo .

My card looks like this:

I have no idea what I'll do with it yet, but I think it's going to be fun.

*Also because I was inspired by fantastic manips [personal profile] tarlanx made for her last card.

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It's 2 for 1 at [ profile] sga_icontest :

& one more at [ profile] mcshep_icontest :

Yay! =)

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A much need bust for my icon-maker ego (which wasn't doing so great lately).

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Challenge #7 at [ profile] tw_hush

Here's how it looks without the banner:



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