Nov. 10th, 2007 07:35 pm
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I'm re-watching BSG. And only now I have discovered, how much better is for me to watch a show, when I'm not emotionally invested in it.
It's a lot easier to ignore plot holes and any other questionable stuff the writes may come up with.

I'm unable to do the same with SGA.
The plot holes seems huge as a barn.  The  characters sometimes act so stupid and make so idiotic calls, it's embarrassing to watch.
And I constantly worry, how much of  a clown  they're  gonna make of Rodney this time.

Of course, I'm oversimplifying here (for one, the quality of writing is - unfortunately for SGA - a lot better in BSG). But it's still a bit sad, don't you  think? That I can't fully enjoy my number 1 show, because I like it too much.

We are almost at the half of the season. But I have a feeling like not much actually happened. Comparing to the same time in seasons one and two - it's like things now happen in a "slow motion". Don't get me wrong - watching SGA is still a treat for me. Each weekend I'm making sure I have enough time to watch it in peace. It's just - I think I'm getting less and less of what I hoped for.
Eh, it's probably fault of all those fantastic writers in fandom.
You spoiled me, guys.
But I don't really care that much, please feel free to keep doing this ;-) 
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Not so long ago, the only things I watched, were Stargate (on my computer) and occasional re-runs of all-time classics (sci-fi and not), on my tv.
Now, the list looks like this:

1.SGA and SG-1
2. Supernatural
3. Doctor Who
4. BSG
5. CSI - all three series
6. Prison Break
7. 4400
8. Smallville...

In a few days there will be 9, because I've just got first few episodes of "Torchwood" (thanks again, M *g*).


Granted, not all of above will be renewed for next season, but still.
I'm actually happy, that "Heroes" didn't work for me. And that I might let go of "Prison Break", because it gets a little boring.

But I am terrified.
And addicted, apparently.



Mar. 6th, 2007 08:36 pm
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I just watched latest BSG and, christ, I don't have words... Not a single one. (and I've never been happier to be totally out of fandom and spoiler free). My God...


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