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Pretty, isn't it? =)

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My last prompt for [ profile] art_bingo Winter Challenge.

I admit, this is very, very loose interpretation. And has more to do with winter in poor John's heart, than an actual season. I wonder if it can even count... *sighs* I still have few days to come up with something else, I guess.

Anyway, here it is: Not a happy ending... )

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I'm way too lazy to keep them. Better take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

What I have to do in the next few days however, is to finish my card for Winter Challenge at [ profile] art_bingo . My last prompt is "Ice Rain" and I still have only a vague idea what to make of it. And the deadline is the end of the year...

Then I should put more time into making icons for my [ profile] scifi100 Cameron Mitchell challenge. I got only 18 so far and I'm not really happy with most of them. It's all Merlin's fault, of course (and the obsession is still strong *g*).

Speaking of Cameron: [ profile] burningchaos wrote cute McMitchell ficlet, with totally awesome Daniel on the side. If you're Rodney/Cameron fan, you should definitely read it =) If you're not, go read it anyway. You'll see those two would be fantastic together!

Btw, I realized recently, that I read very little books this year. Highly unusual for me, but I blame all those great fandom writers =)
It's time I should catch up on the published stuff, though. I have a feeling I might have missed few really good books.
On that note, I decided it's time I finally order one more bookshelf, because I'm almost out of space.
This is how it looks right now )

The additional shelf will go where the arrows are, obviously. And I have no idea why I didn't make it for the whole wall from the start...

And now I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee, eat the rest of Christmas cake and read for a while :)

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Two prompts in one day = wow. But I'm glad, because next two weeks are going to be total hell at work, and I doubt I'll touch my comp for any fannish stuff (with the exception of occasional transfusion of Merlin goodies; and whining, most likely there will be whining and swearing).

Anyway, here it is (and yes, I'm proud that I was able to keep it all in SGA theme *g*):

Crusted )

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It gave me a bit of a trouble, this one. And not because of my struggles with Photoshop.
Thanks again for your help, flist!

Jack Frost )

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One more prompt done, three to go.

Overwinter )

This is getting harder and harder. Looks like my muse packed up and left for good :(

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*shakes head* I have no excuse for this one. But it's really not my fault, that those things keep happening to Sheppard...

Snow bunny )

I think I need a drink... =)

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It's another one of those ideas, that just wouldn't go away.

On sale now - five bucks and it's yours! )

That's fourth prompt done. Five more to go...

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This challenge is even more difficult than I thought. Not because I can't come up with any ideas (although that's not too easy, either).
But I'm not too good at doing manips, so it's like two challenges in one.

This is for "Skiing":

Let the best man win! )

And this one is for "Wet":

No,it's not what you think... )

I kind of hate Photoshop right now. It'll pass... =)

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... I've signed up for a Winter Challenge at [ profile] art_bingo .

My card looks like this:

I have no idea what I'll do with it yet, but I think it's going to be fun.

*Also because I was inspired by fantastic manips [personal profile] tarlanx made for her last card.


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