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Week 17 )

On the side note - my back is killing me today. But not in the usual "I just spent 48 hours in front of the computer" way. More like "I slept on a cold, stone floor" way. Which I didn't. Sleep, that is. I hope hot bath will help,'cos this pain is really starting to piss me off.
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Coming back to work, after almost two weeks of free time - not funny. I'm completely exhausted and still a bit in shock. Mostly because I had to (yet again!) move to a different room. I so wasn't prepared for this today. I has wearing high heels, dammit. Not to mention clothes more suitable for a conference, than physical work. I was dreaming of shower after only couple of hours.
But I'm actually happy that I'll now be ina different place. I'm leaving behind the craziness that is our customer support room. I'll be sharing a place with our production administrator, a gut I like and get along really well.
It's the only good change that happened recently.

Ok, enough blabbering and on to the pictures:

Week 16 )
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Week 15 )
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Week 14 )
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Or actually - no pictures for last week. I left my camera in a friend's car, dammit. I hope I'll get it back around Wednesday.
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Week 13 )
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Week 12 )
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So today, at about 2:30 pm, I was told that I'm suppose to arrange shipment of three containers to Sri Lanka. And everything must be ready by Wednesday.

I actually said "You're kidding?" to my boss. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I just couldn't control myself.

Because it's a joke. I have to order specially designed pallets, for the machine we're shipping. I have no idea what kind of paperwork Sri Lanka requires, and since it's a sea shipment, they'll obviously need more than just an invoice.

On top of it, tomorrow I have to go to Levis again. Apparently my boss thinks 4 hours of actual work time is going to be enough to make everything ready. Clearly, she's insane... *headdesk*

This is what I call good start of the week. Not.

But enough whining. On to the pictures.

Week 11 )
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Includes today's picture, 'cos it's also an update on wrist problem.

Week 10 + March 9 )

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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Below the cut are 5 subjects [ profile] tarlanx gave me. It's actually fun, trying to "explain" myself =)

On to the meme )

So, that's it. And I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have even more to add =)
And let me know if you want me to pick the 5 things for you.
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The icon says it all.
All week - all cat.
Why, you ask? One - my cat is cute *g*. And second - last week there was nothing else worth making picture of. Seriously.

Week 9 )

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Week 8 )

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Week 7 )
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Week 6 )
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Week 5 )

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Bear in mind, that I have been stuck at home all week...

Week 4 )

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Week 3 )

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It's not that easy, to make picture of anything even remotely interesting, when you spend all day at work (and it's still dark when you go there and already dark when you're coming back). So don't expect anything fancy :)

Week 2 )

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The original idea comes from here (and thanks to [ profile] burningchaos for posting the link in the first place).

I'm going to post the week's pictures every Sunday. It can be interesting, to look at them again in a few months =)

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