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Those new sneakers I showed you last week? I wore them today for the first time and they gave blisters from hell.
It's my own fault, too. I should have know better, that to go out in new shoes without any protection. My feet are extremely sensitive. But I thought I could manage for those two hours, that it took me to get for my ophthalmologist appointment and back. How wrong I was... Seriously, for a moment I thought I'll have to take them off in the middle of the street. Dammit, but it hurt :(

Speaking of ophthalmologist - my eyes are mostly ok. I don't need new glasses, which is good. But, my left eye has started to squint again, just as I suspected. I had it surgically corrected, when I was a child, but the years of extensive computer usage has weakened my eye muscles again.
So I'm going to have cut my comp time significantly, especially while at home (it's going to be difficult to do at work). I'm also going to do some eye exercising. If this doesn't help, I'll probably have to look up the possibilities of another operation. But I'm hoping it won't get that bad.

I took some time off work - until the end of next week, to be precise. I'm really happy I was able to do it. I'm exhausted. I've fall asleep at 11 am today, while trying to watch "Inkheart". It was a second time I nodded off during this movie. And it's not because it's this boring. I just can't stay awake when I'm horizontal, no matter what time of day it is. Pathetic, really.

I also started serious spring cleaning. Something I always do before Easter. My plan is very ambitious, especially considering how much I hate cleaning. Bleh. But I have to be brave :)

To end with something more positive - only three days to new Doctor Who! Yay! I really liked the trailer =)
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